Why markdown-autodocs

Why redis-cloudflare-kv?

  • Cloudflare KV is a highly distributed, eventually consistent, key-value store that spans Cloudflare’s global edge. It allows you to store billions of key-value pairs and read them with some average latency (2 to 3 seconds) anywhere in the world.
  • Cloudflare KV Read operation is very slow when compared to Redis…



pip install LucidDynamodb


Connect to DynamoDB

  1. Using AWS config
from LucidDynamodb import DynamoDb
db = DynamoDb()
$ pip install awscli…


Step 1: Create a new template

  • We are creating a new template called accent_feature_template and map its property to our specified index called accent_feature_index.
  • We are using standard_tokenizer, which splits words into tokens and using ascii folding filter which converts alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic Unicode characters which are not in the first 127 ASCII characters (the…

nmcli con edit type pppoe con-name “YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME”
set pppoe.username YOUR_DSL_ACCOUNT_USERNAME
set pppoe.password YOUR_DSL_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD

Step 1. Building a minimal Flask application
$ python

Dinesh Sonachalam

Software Engineer at GogoAir

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